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Contact GTA Tiles now, your trusted tiles installers in the GTA and Toronto. If you have any tile flooring jobs or need low-cost porcelain tile installers in Toronto and the GTA, we have the services you need at low-cost rates.

Expert Installers

Our expert installers are highly skilled in installing different materials for flooring and kitchen countertops. These include marble, porcelain, granite, glass, and stone just to name a few. We handle new builds, renovations, and contracting jobs.

All our installers have been trained in proper tile installation and have many years of hands-on experience that help them do their jobs in Toronto and the GTA. In 2019, we were also awarded the Best Contractor of the Year in Canada. So, when you work with us, you can have peace of mind that your project is in good hands.


Low-Cost Services

Our company offers expert and low-cost tile flooring and porcelain tile installation services, including tiles for walls, bathroom backsplash, and living room flooring at very affordable costs. We have mastered the art of combining affordable costs and quality tile installation services in all the past projects we’ve completed in Toronto and the GTA.

Who says you have to shoulder huge costs for your porcelain tile installation or to get professional tile installers in Toronto or the GTA? With GTA Tiles, you can get low-cost installations for your tile flooring and porcelain tile projects.

We help you achieve the home remodeling and renovation that you want because we keep your costs down by being efficient and reliable contractors. We use the best materials and can be flexible depending on our customer’s ideal budget plan.

Elegant Flooring, Kitchen Counters, Porcelain Tile Installation

Aside from low-cost flooring and porcelain tile installation services in Toronto and the GTA, we also offer design assistance to all our clients.

Our flooring, kitchen, bathroom, and even garden designs are endless. You can choose from a lot of different eye-catching designs for any type of material, including marble, granite, porcelain, glass, etc. Whether you want a new kitchen counter, a new flooring design, or new porcelain tiles for your kitchen, we are your top choice!

Call us today to get professional installers to work on your next tile installation in Toronto and the GTA. You will get a free quote on any type of installation. Our installers are always ready to start your project once the details have been finalized.


Why Choose Professional Installers for Your Tile and Flooring Projects?

Some people think they can save lots of money by doing their own tile installation. Little do they know that unless you have the experience and the right equipment, then they would not be able to complete your project efficiently and properly.

They actually end up spending more money and accumulating huge costs than getting professional installers. That’s where our expert installers come into the picture. We will not just correctly place your tiles, but they will also make sure you get the design you want and that the project finishes on time.

Our installers also make the finest and most detailed work with the least amount of mess and clutter possible.

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